Are you considering your educational journey and exploring options at Akawe Torkula Polytechnic? Understanding the courses offered and the associated fees is crucial for making informed decisions. Let’s delve into this comprehensive guide to uncover the academic landscape and the financial aspect at Akawe Torkula Polytechnic.

Exploring Academic Opportunities

Akawe Torkula Polytechnic offers a diverse array of courses tailored to meet industry demands. Whether you’re interested in National Diploma (ND) or Higher National Diploma (HND) programs, the institution provides a rich academic tapestry balancing theoretical knowledge with practical application.

National Diploma (ND) Programs

These programs are designed to lay a strong foundation for further education or entry-level employment. With a duration of two years, ND programs cover various subjects including engineering, science and technology, management sciences, hospitality management, and mass communication.

Higher National Diploma (HND) Programs

Building upon the knowledge gained in ND programs, HND programs offer advanced training and specialization. These two-year programs focus on specific areas within each discipline, ensuring students are equipped with advanced skills for the workforce.

Additional Programs

Akawe Torkula Polytechnic is committed to expanding its academic offerings to meet emerging industry needs. The institution explores new programs in fields such as fashion design and technology, and multimedia technology.

Understanding the School Fees Structure

Financial transparency is key at Akawe Torkula Polytechnic, reflected in its well-defined school fees structure. The structure balances affordability with quality education and resources, ensuring accessibility for students.

Components of the School Fees Structure

The school fees structure includes various components contributing to the overall cost of education:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Acceptance Fee
  • Hostel Accommodation Fee
  • Examination Fees
  • Student Union Fees

School Fees Breakdown

Here’s a general overview of the approximate fees for ND and HND programs:

  • ND Programs: Tuition Fees: ₦250,000 – ₦350,000 per semester
  • HND Programs: Tuition Fees: ₦280,000 – ₦400,000 per semester


Akawe Torkula Polytechnic offers a diverse range of programs aimed at preparing students for the workforce or further studies. With a transparent school fees structure, the institution ensures accessibility while providing quality education.


1.Are there scholarships available at Akawe Torkula Polytechnic?

Akawe Torkula Polytechnic offers scholarships to outstanding students based on merit and need. Interested students can inquire about scholarship opportunities at the institution’s scholarship office.

2.Can students pay their fees in installments?

Yes, Akawe Torkula Polytechnic provides flexible payment options, including installment plans, to ease the financial burden on students and their families.

3.Are there opportunities for practical training and internships?

Absolutely! Akawe Torkula Polytechnic prioritizes hands-on learning and offers opportunities for practical training and internships to enhance students’ skills and employability

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