Are you seeking a pathway to success in your chosen career field? Look no further than Harry Pass Polytechnic! Nestled in the heart of academic excellence, Harry Pass Polytechnic stands out for its commitment to providing top-notch education and practical training.

Discovering the World of Harry Pass Polytechnic

At Harry Pass Polytechnic, we offer a diverse range of programs tailored to suit your interests and career aspirations. Whether you’re passionate about engineering, management, science, or communication, we have something for everyone.

National Diploma (ND) Programs: Building Foundations

Our ND programs are designed to give you a solid foundation in your chosen field over two years. From Engineering Technology to Management and Science, our curriculum is crafted to equip you with the skills needed for entry-level employment or further studies.

Higher National Diploma (HND) Programs: Advancing Your Skills

For those seeking advanced training and specialization, our HND programs are the perfect choice. Building upon the knowledge gained in ND programs, these courses delve deeper into specific areas, preparing you for more specialized roles in the industry.

Exploring Entrepreneurship and Skill Acquisition

In addition to our diploma programs, we offer various entrepreneurship and skill acquisition programs. Whether you’re interested in carpentry, baking, bead making, tailoring, or computer literacy, we have programs to help you gain marketable skills and entrepreneurial expertise.


At Harry Pass Polytechnic, we’re dedicated to your success. With experienced faculty members guiding you every step of the way, you can be confident in your academic journey. Join us and unlock endless opportunities for growth and achievement.


  1. What makes Harry Pass Polytechnic stand out?

    • Harry Pass Polytechnic is renowned for its academic excellence and industry-oriented training, providing students with the skills needed to thrive in their careers.
  2. Are the diploma programs suitable for further education?

    • Yes, our diploma programs are designed to prepare students for entry-level employment as well as further studies in their chosen fields.
  3. Can I enroll in multiple skill acquisition programs?

    • Absolutely! You can enroll in multiple skill acquisition programs to broaden your skill set and enhance your career prospects

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