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Life experience of a foreign educated professional immigrant, education, settlement and wealth by In Foreign Lands by Jane Karago-Odongo.
Jane worked for more than ten years supporting new immigrants settle and integrate in Canada.
She has vast experience in community development, advocacy and for immigrants. She has successfully fundraised for community projects which support the integration of newcomers to Canada through addressing the social determinants of health. Read more on Jane’s book excerpts at inforeignlands.ca and order your copy now! Inforeignlands Podcast Inforignlands.ca

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In these pages you will uncover…

The capacity you have to be and do great things in your new country, and your country of origin.

What’s really been stopping you from being your best?

An amazing number of immigrants will benefit when you discover and share with them your unleashed potential.

As an immigrant, realize that amazing life awaits those that do not give up!

Realize your potential of re-training for professional work.

Where is the opportunity in the “land of opportunity”?

Higher income which comes timely, for professionals, nurses, factory workers, taxi drivers, track drivers, for government employees and casual workers.

Discover the powerful force that affects everything you do.

Find out how you will benefit from your fully-realized potential.

Learn the super-secret easiest way to be successful!

Uncover what has really been stopping you and how to change it!


Success in immigration is relative, depending on who you talk to.  I have spoken to immigrants from all walks of life. In this book I share my analysis of their responses and my own experience as an immigrant. Financial success in immigration trumps every other definition of success. In this book I will talk about success for immigrants from African countries to the more developed countries mainly; Canada and the USA.

Imagine moving to a new country, everything is different. From the direction of traffic, it seems like the bus has the doors on the wrong side; to the way people look, walk, and talk. Why is everyone moving so fast? Where are they going? Why are they not talking to you? Why are they not smiling? Are they angry? Culture shock! All doors to ‘shops’ are ‘locked’. You are used to having shops with doors wide open. Do they not want people to go in and buy?

In this book you will learn how to break free from the grip of nostalgia. The self-pity that is holding you back from your greatest achievements, and discover the greatness of your ability in the new country.  You will get integrated. Get settled. Yes, there is freedom and prosperity in the new land. Many immigrants have achieved their dream. They have jobs, they hold high paying jobs. They have purchased beautiful homes; they are engaged in all types of profitable businesses; they have invested in real estate; some returned to school and attained more or higher education. They are accomplished professionals. Their children are well established in their country of birth; enjoying all the benefits of their citizenship. The have free education, higher education, the general culture and lifestyle of their country. The majority of immigrants are happy in their new land. They are settled. This is home. This is here and there.

Everyone ‘back home’ wished you well. Some were jealous. You are the lucky one. You gave them your belongings, your best clothes, the toys you loved most, your furniture, all your ‘local’ money to the very last cent. You sold all your property. You needed cash for a fresh start in the new land flowing with milk and honey. You quit your high paying international job. You gave your car to your brother. You are now “abroad”; you will buy a brand new one.


In the foreign land everything appears strange. Your emotions are fear, confusion, sense of loss, a sense of longing. You are alone. You are lost. Nothing is like what you had expected or envisioned. No! It cannot be! You are full of hope; you have faith that you made the right decision to leave your country. People back home have high expectations of you.


You say it will get better. You do not know how, or when? You call home. You tell them all is well. How can you tell them that you are unemployed? You, a PhD holder! You, a Senior Scientist who lived in a 5-bedroom house are now a Security Guard. You who had the services of a driver, a gardener, a house keeper and a guard at your gate! That you are a butcher in a large meat factory, that, with your medical degree you are cleaning offices?

Crafted with Love

Mapping the path with immigrants who have “been there” will be a way of launching genuine success goals for future immigrants.
Financial success in immigration trumps every other definition of success.

Migration is an old phenomenon

This book focuses on immigration in modern times and emphasizes that immigration is beneficial to the immigrant. It is valuable to the receiving countries. Newcomers to the developed countries are just that; newcomers.

Success in a new country is…

a job in a profession, a respectful job, owning a house, belonging to an elite class, having proper immigration documents, having a decent life, being a member of the main stream population, children attaining university education, living a law abiding life, sending money to my family back home. Education is a good asset.

What they said..

All the people I spoke to would not accept an offer to give up their new country and return permanently to their country of origin without a chance to ever leaving again

Money Money….

The World Bank and other development partners have revealed that the total money transfers by African migrants to their region or country of origin was $35.2 billion, in 2015.


Financial success in immigration trumps every other definition of success.